Calum Morrison

Calum Morrison is new to the industry and is fortunate to have worked with a wide variety of clients; from local businesses like Shumë, to work abroad with businesses like Scuttlebugs CDC in San Jose.

He is lucky enough to have lived all over the world. He has always had a passion for photography and videography but only recently started his business which focuses on storytelling in advertising.

Calum provides a wide range of services and always welcomes new customers. Currently, he is working on a documentary about the pandemic that hit the world in 2020.

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin is a freelance filmmaker, with over 14 years of experience, who
specialises in producing/directing and video editing. Ben is an extremely versatile filmmaker, with a broad range of work on Corporate, Commercial and TV/Film based projects. Ben’s client base covers many areas of the UK, as well as US-based agencies that he works for remotely from his home office.

Prior to becoming freelance, Ben was a Creative Director at London based Spectrecom Films and spent 8 years there growing the creative and post-production departments. Ben is also the Managing Director of Bloody Cuts, an award-winning horror series that has built a healthy online audience and found world-wide acclaim. The series has received over 47 million views, and in 2017 won a Webby Award for the viral horror film ‘The Birch’. Ben has formed a directing/producing partnership with Norfolk based filmmaker Anthony Melton, and they’re currently writing and developing feature film and television projects both in the UK and US, as well as continuing to produce original short films and advertorial content.

Bloody Cuts is also a partner with Thorpe Park Resort, working as part of their Halloween Fright Nights, and are actively in development with other ‘experiential’ horror content, having worked with Snapchat and Fox over the past two years. Ben is represented in the UK by Linda Seifert Management, and in the US by Circle of Confusion and APA Agency.