Future Takeover 23

As part of the Future Takeover project, we partnered with Collusion to deliver two days of workshops that introduced new creative technologies, including Artificial intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) software and hardware.

Day one

The first day was an introduction to creative technologies. This workshop was aimed at creatives who have not worked with new technologies or who are looking to build their understanding and confidence. A range of demonstrations that introduce Virtual Reality, Makey Makeys, Bare Conductive, sensors and AI tools.

The day was split into three sessions, each focused on a different area of creative tech, including small tasks and goals within activities, taking a learning-through-play approach, alongside short introductory presentations to each session with the Collusion team and specialist Crypto artist Karen Eng.

Session 1: Creating Interactive artworks
  • Playful and accessible ways of introducing interactivity into your art through the use of microcontrollers and conductive objects
  • Constructing DIY controllers and interactive forms
  • Controlling parameters including sound and visuals
  • Hardware & Software: Bare Conductive Touch Board, MaKey MaKey, Arduino IDE, Ableton Live, Resolume Arena, Madmapper
Session 2: Making things in VR
  • Creating assets in VR and exporting
  • Importing 3D models into Mozilla hubs
Session 3: Exploring AI tools
  • Beyond the hype, an opportunity to discuss and play with emerging AI platforms and tools and explore the implications/opportunities for artists and society.

Day two

The second day was a practical workshop where delegates got the chance to try out creative technologies as well as apply them to a project and idea. For example in locative media trails, interactivity in artworks, mixed reality, outdoor projections and 3D design.

Session 1 : Visual mixing, projection mapping and interactive sound

Our group divided into three, rotating around three stations that covered the following:

A practical introduction to visual mixing

  • Basics in navigating Resolume Arena
  • Option to explore alternative software options inc. Lumen and VDMX

A practical introduction to projection mapping

  • Basics of projection mapping in Madmapper
  • Option to explore alternative software options inc. Resolume Arena

Exploring interactive sound using Ableton, MIDI controllers and microcontrollers

  • Basics of controlling Ableton Live with a MIDI controller
  • Mapping parameters in Ableton Live and using buttons, sensors and potentiometers with a microcontroller to control these
Session 2: Free play

Attendees had the opportunity to choose and freely move between activities they were most interested in, activities on included

  • Projection mapping
  • Visual mixing
  • Interactive sound
  • Interactivity with Microcontrollers – Bare Conductive, Microbit, Arduino
  • Creating DIY controllers / using Arduino IDE
  • Exploring VR
  • 1-to-1 discussion of attendees creative projects