St Neots Masterplan

St Neots Masterplan is a project created by the mayor of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority that sees £5.8 million investment in St Neots.

There are eleven market towns in the Combined Authority which are currently home to around 190,000 people and are expected to grow significantly to over 250,000 by 2036. The masterplan is a project that ensures that these market towns are all interconnected in an overall plan that supports the region’s future prosperity.

St Neots was picked as the first market town to be tackled by the project as is at an infrastructure crossroads between Peterborough and London, as well as the proposed economic development corridor between Cambridge and Oxford. The town has a strong manufacturing sector, outstanding natural features with the river and green spaces that run through the heart of a historic market town, making it an attractive place to live.

The reason we’re telling you about it with regards to Neotists is that we have been invited by the District Council and the Combined Authority to represent our creative sector on their steering committee. This is great news as it means the recognition can lead to a much brighter future for not only each Neotist or creative in and around St Neots, but for all residents and visitors to our town. Hopefully, we can help in some small way articulate everyone’s ambition for the place to help improve our town and stay involved in future growth and development.

Neotist co-founder, Richard Slade was asked to visualise some of the key projects for the steering group to help them start discussions about these projects in more detail. The key areas are — the town square, maltings and cycle and pedestrian bridge.

Keep an eye on developments on the St Neots Masterplan website.