St Neots Library art installation

One of the key values of Neotists CIC is having sustainable not-for-profit approach. When we underspent on another art project we decided to follow our values and reinvest the remaining budget to support St Neots Library.

We are big fans of the libraries across England and our library is no exception — it is a vital resource for residents and one we want to keep. We have worked with the library team on various creative projects in the last few years. When we approached the team and Friends of St Neots Library group to ask if they’d like to update some of the tired-looking walls — it was a delicate conversation but they loved the idea.

The mural that we had been commission for the Mural — bridging communities project features many of the iconic St Neots building an was the ideal artwork to be used for the library. Our illustrator, Carli Pfurtscheller, selected sections that wee suitable in terms of locality to the library and we had them printed an installed ready for an official opening.

In October 2021 we welcomed Councillors Hilary Cox Condron and Stephen Ferguson to unveil the new installation of 15 large panels depict buildings and landmarks from St Neots including the parish church, the river and, of course, the Library.

Stephen Ferguson posted on Twitter after the event:

this wonderful artwork captures the joy of the town as it is now. We must be careful not to lose our identity and turn into a soulless new-town.