Fantastical blitz day

A one-day event organised by Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination (CCI) – a creative organisation that works to inspire and enrich communities, to support them ‘to believe in themselves and find their own voice.

The Fantastical Cambridgeshire project begins in schools – CCI artists in residence creatively adventure with young children and their teachers to share the discovery of real, local spaces in extraordinary, enchanting and intriguing ways. They then involve their families and the wider community, including artists and other specialists to add to the children’s discoveries at a Fantastical Blitz Day – 24 hours of looking, noting, drawing, modelling, and recording in different and playful ways, the fantastical life of a single location.

Neotists and members from local art organisation, Vir2oso and St Neots Museum teamed up with Cambridge Curiosity and Imagination for their first Fantastical Blitz Day, held in Eynesbury Primary School in September 2016 to help build upon what the children had already created.

The day was made possible by the brilliant energy of the children, families and local residents who joined in. The next blitz is planned for June 2017 in Offord Primary School.