bernadette vong

Bernadette Vong


Bernadette Vong, or Berna has established herself as a photographer since graduated with a BA in Designs & Interior Design in 2008. Berna has a background worked as a motion capture and facial capture technician for three years in a west London 3D digital facility.

Outside her own photography work, Berna has an extensive work experience in both film, TV and the commercial industry working for the BBC, Vogue, Net-A-Porter, The Observer, Nokia, the prestigious British designer Hussein Chalayan, and on films 47 Ronin, Give It A Year, Skyfall and Shanghai, just to name a few.

Since her recent start in photography, she was soon acknowledged with her skills and her eyes for beauty, and has several works published in the UK and Asia.

Berna is currently setting up her business focused on product and commercial photography, and in wedding photography is officially opening in January 2016.

Her work is heavily inspired by shapes, simplicity, and her personal work embodies the female’s nature in sensuality and emotion complexity. You can see more on Berna’s blog.

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