Five questions for creatives

Adam Jenkins

Adam Jenkins is a passionate, fresh and creative designer who has been working as a graphic designer at an international company since 2007. In his own words “I feel privileged to be in the unique position of having one of my hobbies become my career.”

How did you get into the creative industry, and was there a defining point in your career that led you on that path?

I have always been creative, and never enjoyed exams, and with school ending with exams, I felt like I needed to get out of education and decided to go straight into full time employment. I did so working with my dad as a plumbing and heating engineer with the intention of one day taking on the family business as my own. After the first year, my dad sat me down and asked if I was sure that this is what I wanted to do, or would I rather be doing something more creative? Turns out he knew me well.

The next step was going back into education where I studied A-Level Art, Graphics and IT. Half way though the course I carried out some work experience at a graphics company in Bedford. After completing the course the following year I was offered a full time position and have been there ever since — that was 14 years ago.

Is there anything you would change in your current career and if so why?

At present I currently work four days a week for a graphics company in Bedford as the Design Manager. For one day a week (and many hours in-between) I have gone freelance as a graphic designer with the intention to one day work for myself.

Where do you see yourself, and your career in five years time?

I’d love to be working for myself and partnering with others in St Neots and beyond on creative projects. If i’m dreaming big (I mean really big) it will be to have my own design studio somewhere in town.

Are there any rules or habits that help you do your job more efficiently?

Yeah, I have a several actually…

If I don’t love it, I don’t submit it.

I have a personal goal on each logo or branding project, and that is to make the decision for the client as difficult as possible. You may be thinking “Why would you want to make it difficult for the client?” Well, because I don’t ever want to offer just one great design.

I pray! I honestly believe in a God who has created everything and wholehearted believe that the creative gift I have has come from Him.

I find keeping up-to-date with current trends help ensure my designs stay looking fresh.

I intentionally work on projects that stretch me, or ones I even those which I consider intimidating. I find it is these projects that grow and develop my skill set the most.

What tips would you give to anybody who is looking to get started in the creative industry?

Find what it is that you really love doing — what is ‘it’ that you keep liking on Instagram? The chances are that ‘it’ is your favourite style. Once you’ve found it, get good at it, practice it and work hard for it.

Don’t try and learn to do everything on your own, software packages alone move on so quickly that you’ll always find yourself behind. I find it better to team up with others so that you can specialise in what ‘it’ is you love doing best.

You can take a look at Adams work on his website: