A Day For DiL — saying goodbye David Ian Law

In June 2018 I was up early and on the train for a journey that would both physically and mentally allow me to properly say goodbye to my friend David Ian Law.

We only met in the physical world a couple of times — at gigs in London, where it felt like we had known each other for ages. We’d been to so many gigs together in the past without actually knowing the other person would be there.

I arrived late afternoon in Glasgow, the sun was shining and I was excited to find myself alone right in the centre of a city I had never visited before, this all changed very quickly as well as just a few minutes later I was in the top room of The Old Hairdressers, a lively bohemian bar in Glasgow’s city centre that once was, as the name implies, a hairdressers.

The top room is a small venue where it seems they have music most nights of the week, and that’s why I was here, now in the company of my good friends Joseph Ahmed and Phil Eaglesham of the band Security. Stuart Braithwaite aka Frenchbloke as he’s known on Twitter or Three Daughters as he was known for this evening,  also organises the yearly Dark Outside festival, 24 hours of music you’ve never heard before, in a place where nobody might hear it.

Also in the room were Davie Miller of Finitribe, our DJ for the night and at one point, vocalist for 3 Daughters, Lesley Rankine formally of Silverfish and playing tonight as Ruby and Stuart Silvanus who was showing a film he had created for the evening that might have altered my mind forever.

There were many others who were here though, including Simon Dell and his wife and to many more to mention. Needless to say we were all here for one reason — to make some noise that we hoped our dear friend,David Ian Law would have liked and make some money for Macmillan along the way.

Here’s the set I produced for the evening and you can listen to the 25 minute track on Soundcloud.