Pop-up shops: Half-term creative

Following the success of our first pop-up shop in November 2017 we were again given the opportunity to use an empty shop, this one was in a prominent space on the St Neots high street and had been empty for a couple of years. The new business which had bought the shop let us use the space for half-term whilst they were waiting for planning permission for their new cafe.

The theme was Chinese New Year with drop-in craft sessions over two days for families and children. We intentionally set the price low — at £2 per child or £5 per family, and provided a range of materials for crafters to use, in the hope that we could provide an activity for cash-strapped families who needed to get out of the house in half-term. We had a great response from residents and had over 200 people in over the two days and again volunteer support was very much appreciated from members, Fiona Brice, Clair Slade, Melanie Inglis, Georgina Westley, Claire Montgomerie and Jo Lusha.