Three questions, one person and many creative backgrounds. We asked designers, artists, illustrators, musicians, photographers and more the same questions about their careers and what advice they have for new creatives.

In this series there a 13 interviews with creatives from across Huntingdonshire.

  1. James Tortise-Crawford has worked in arts and culture for theatres, universities, councils and museums and shares with us what he has learnt along the way.
  2. Ingrid Fawcett is a communication manager, jewellery designer and singer in a community choir that sings to popular music. She tells us about her journey.
  3. Paul Berryman is an artist who specialises in drawing and painting from the human face and figure. He tells about how he tip-toed into the creative industry.
  4. Irene De Jong is an illustrator who runs art classes and workshops online with her own creative community. She explains how anyone can make art and enjoy being creative.
  5. Simon Muzolf is an academy manager, drum and guitar teacher and set builder. He has been involved in dance and drama from a young age and tells us all about his journey.
  6. Richard Slade, graphic designer, front-end developer and artist shares his views on starting out in the creative industry.
  7. Emily Jolley is an abstract artist and founder of Huntingdon Art Gallery. She tells us about her own experience of being an artist as well as how to collaborate with others on projects.
  8. Steve Todd is a graphic designer for the government and an illustrator in his spare time. His illustration is a mixture of traditional materials and digital and tells us all about it.
  9. Asha Tharoor is a communications consultant who helps people tell their stories and get their message across with a focus on social and economic change sectors.
  10. Adele Gilpin is a service designer for local governments. She started a career as a software developer but changed as she wanted to try and design the services.
  11. Steve Muzolf is the principal of music and theatre academy in St Neots. He started playing the piano at the age of six and tells us about the rest of his amazing career.
  12. Rueben Milne provides speaker support to people who speak at conferences, talk at public events or create videos. Performance is a big part of what he teaches people and he tells us more about it.
  13. Calum Morrison is a photographer and film producer who takes photos and produces videos for the music industry. He gets a kick out of being on set and tells us about his best experiences.

Filmed and edited by Adrian Storey.