Connecting Cambridgeshire

St Neots has an opportunity to become one of the UK’s first smart market towns and lead the way for other market towns in Cambridgeshire.

We’ve been working with Connecting Cambridgeshire with their Smart Places Initiative who have been exploring digital ways to tackle some of the key issues the town faces, in areas such as transport, environment, connectivity and information. Their aim is to help address some of the challenges identified in the St Neots Masterplan and the Neighbourhood Plan by working in collaboration with local authorities, town councils and community groups.

The initiative wanted to hear the views and suggestions of local citizens and held events, one in November and a second at our Future Takeover event held in January 2019. More than 150 people came along with lots of suggestions for using data and technology to improve the town. The initiative also launched an interactive map as part of the consultation to record suggestions and ideas.

The initiative has produced a report outlining their findings and offers proposals for future projects that could be implemented in the town to answer some of the issues that have been raised.