Ross Millership

Ross Millership has spent 10 years mixing a wide range of broadcast TV in stereo and 5.1 spending the last six years at the award winning post facility ENVY. He’s mixed series such as the BAFTA winning Grand Designs, The Undateables, Tattoo Fixers, Drunk History, Heston’s Great British Food and the multi award winning Wild Things. Ross has also mixed numerous documentaries such as the BAFTA winning Graffiti Wars, American Animal Hoarder, Extreme Brat Camp and Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Expensive Shoes. He’s also had the pleasure of mixing a feature football mockumentary United We Fall which enjoyed a nationwide theatrical release.

He spends most of his time mixing but love’s getting his teeth into sound design, working most enjoyably on Strip The Cosmos and Rise of the Machines where he conceptualised, supervised and mixed the sound design into the 14 diverse episodes, each with roughly 25 minutes of complex 3D CGI needing sound design.