Mitch Harris

Mitchell Harris

Mitchell Harris is a film editor by day and night with a passion for editing that can be seen across his portfolio, which shows a journey from editing short, somewhat crazy films with friends, to working for clients such as 10 Downing Street and more recently his first feature film – Art Ache, which premiered December 2015 at the Bahamas International Film Festival.

Mitchell, collaborating with Carla Steinberg, picked up his first film award at the Living British Film Festival 2014 for Word on the Water  a short documentary about London’s stunning book barge. More recently, Mitchell’s work has been selected by the British Film Institute Love Shorts in collaboration with the Cornwall Film Festival and HyneSight Films – Silentville (2015).

Mitchell now works primarily as a freelance film editor based in London, but also consults and provides editing + social media training (and does the odd voiceover). Almost complete is his second feature film, Asphodel with a third in pre-production. His international client base includes St Neots own Pix and MixQueen Mary, University of London and HyneSight Films.