Maria Merridan

Maria Merridan is a Bedfordshire-based artist and printmaker and part-time lecturer in art and design. Her work is about creating unusual relationships between personal experiences and the following themes: science, natural history, navigation, weather and journeys.

Awarded The Peoples Award in 2015 for an artwork titled ‘Making Materials Come Alive’ – a large, mixed-media composition produced for Cambridge’s Pint of Science Festival in collaboration with group leader at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at Cambridge University, Dr Stoyan Smoukov.

Maria’s work was recently selected by the Circus of Illustration to exhibit in their Love Conquers All Exhibition and in 2015, was selected for Summer Exhibitions at Courtyard Art Gallery, Hertford and The Babylon Gallery, Ely. She has also exhibited with the arts collective Mark 5 at the Michael Heseltine Gallery in Oxford and Courtyard Art Gallery in Hertford.