Adrian Storey

Adrian Storey aka Uchujin (Alien in Japanese) is a freelance video producer, cameraman, editor, photographer and a recovering ex-pat who recently returned to the UK after a 20 year absence, the last 10 of which were spent in Tokyo. An eclectic career ranging from fashion modelling to working as a sound engineer for the Dali Lama informs and enriches his work which ranges from documentary to music videos.

Adrian has over 20 years experience, has produced video and shot for a large range of international clients including VICE Japan, Greenpeace and Cascade Records and his photographs have been published in The Guardian, La Revue, Jyllands Posten, Der Spiegel, South China Morning Post and The Japan Times amongst others. He is available for projects of any size and can be contacted through his website or on multiple social media platforms where he spends a little too much of his time.