Angie Moyes

Graphic designer

Angie Moyes believes design makes a difference, not just as visual communication, but to the bottom line. She loves her job because she gets to meet people with passion and purpose – and that’s infectious. With over 20 years’ experience and projects covering a diverse range of sectors, including education, entrepreneurs and start-ups to blue chip corporate – consumer to academia, science and the arts, Angie has been lucky to meet a lot of brilliant people in fantastic companies.

Angie Moyes has worked with clients such as Abcam, Blighter, Baker Hughes, BP, The Biochemical Society, Cyrus Audio, The Gurdon Institute, Grant Instruments, International SOS, One Paper Buildings (now Drystone), Portland Press, Socia and Widget. With a network of associates – such as writers, editors, developers – projects can be large or small.

She loves all the areas of design and has been lucky enough to work in: logo design, information design for technical documents and websites as information architecture – or UX/UI as it’s also known, journal and book design, web site design, campaign design (for products, ads or internal comms).

She relishes that by using her design skills she is able to make a difference to a clients product or service, by making it better understood and more attractive to their clients and customers. To make her clients ‘look good’ in the face of competition.

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